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About Symphonix

About Symphonix

High-Definition Digital Sound Processing

Unlike other listening devices that amplify everything, Symphonix uses advanced HD digital technology to distinguish speech sounds from background noises; so you can hear clearly and comfortably. And Symphonix makes tiny device batteries a thing of the past: it's rechargeable!

Simple. Discreet. Affordable.

RCA Symphonix is very discreet, incredibly easy to use, and fits comfortably behind either ear. Sleek, lightweight, and virtually unnoticeable, it weighs less than 1/4 of an ounce.

Readers for your Ears.

RCA Symphonix lets you set the amount of volume and noise reduction you need. It comes with left and right tubes, and medium and large domes...everything you need to make Symphonix just right for you.