RCA Symphonix : Benefits
What can Symphonix do for you?
RCA Symphonix provides real benefits for people who want to hear more clearly, whether you're in a crowd or one-on-one, or just watching TV.
Makes it easier to understand conversation in noisy situations

No matter what the situation — crowded streets, presentations at work, or at a restaurant with friends — Symphonix helps you hear what's going on. Unlike other listening devices that amplify everything, Symphonix uses advanced HD digital technology to distinguish speech sounds from background noises.

Lets you enjoy TV, movies, or radio without the loud volume.

No more blaring sitcoms. No more bothering your spouse for the line you missed. Symphonix delivers the audio from your favorite programs and movies crisply and clearly, so you can relax and enjoy the show.

Lets you hear speech clearly and understandably

Because RCA Symphonix is tuned to enhance speech frequencies and reduce surrounding noise, voices and conversation will become more distinct, making them easier to understand.