RCA Symphonix : Products : RPSA05

Battery-Operated Personal Sound Amplifier

Model :  RPSA05


  • Wide tube with dome provides more volume (thin tubes and domes are available through the Accessories page)

  • Ultra-light and discreet, won't interfere with eyewear
  • High-definition digital sound processing
  • 3 volume and noise-reduction settings
  • Uses widely available, user-replaceable A312 battery (1 included)
RCA Symphonix is designed to help you hear better in all kinds of situations; large groups, crowded streets, office settings, watching TV, or at a restaurant with friends. And its standard A312 battery is easy to install and replace, providing a full 7 days of use. Symphonix helps you hear what's going on.


  • Package includes earpiece with wide tube and dome installed, A312 battery, storage case
  • 7-day battery life
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • Can be used in left or right ear
  • Speech frequency amplification and active layered noise reduction
  • Syllabic layer reduces noise that is embedded in speech
  • Environment layer slowly reduces environmental noise in the absence of speech
  • Quick recovery layer provides noise reduction with fast recovery for speech onset
  • Dynamic compression circuitry amplifies softer sounds without amplifying sudden loud sounds


Equivalent input gain    34dB (program 3, wide tube)
Battery life    7+ days
Battery Type    A312
THD    <0.5%