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"Life with my RCA Symphonix opened a forgotten world to me....

"I'm hearing sounds I haven't heard in years, like the sound of dough on the countertop as I knead it, the chirp of hummingbirds, the click of the mouse (I didn't know the mouse clicked!). Some of these sounds made me shed a few tears."

- Sally from Fairmont, WV
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother

"My communication skills were reborn.

"I'm now enjoying conversation rather than hanging on every word so I don't miss details. My TV is now at an acceptable volume level to all, and my girlfriend has a lot less to complain about and believes I hear every word she says. I highly recommend this product."

- John from Indianapolis, IN
Age 58

"I had to see if Symphonix was real, and it is.

"I am in a senior group, and we play cards once a week and have many places that we go for what we call 'gad abouts'. I now go and can hear what people are saying while playing cards or hear when I go to a concert or a play. It also makes my family and fellow seniors so happy when I'm not saying 'huh' or 'what'".

- Ann from Westfield, IN
Age 75

"It's bionic hearing in a box...

Symphonix works incredibly simply and does exactly what you would hope it does. It amplifies and sharpens the sound around you, making it much easier to follow conversations."

- John P., GeekBeat.tv
From Symphonix review (Editor's Choice Award)