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Why Symphonix

Why Symphonix

The Perfect Solution: Simple, Discreet, Trouble-Free

RCA Symphonix is very discreet, incredibly easy to use, and fits comfortably behind either ear. Sleek, lightweight, and virtually unnoticeable, it weighs less than 1/4 of an ounce. And best of all, it's fully rechargeable.

High-Definition Digital Sound Processing

Unlike other listening devices that amplify everything, Symphonix uses HD digital technology to distinguish speech sounds from background noises; so you can hear clearly and comfortably.

Recharge While You Sleep

RCA Symphonix has a 15-hour rechargeable battery. The compact storage case that comes with it doubles as a charger. While you sleep, let Symphonix recharge, and the next day you'll have over 15 hours of use time.